Discounts will always be carrier specific. Not all carriers will have the same list. As I learn of new discounts, I will add them to this page.

Here are a few to ask about when you talk to your agent.

Veteran discount - be sure to ask what documents you need to provide. You may have to show your DD213.

Good Student discount- you will need to provide your students grade card each semester to show that the grades are staying up. This could include college students.

Age discount- this is usually for folks that are older than 50, but ask your provider to be sure.

Multi-policy discount- you have more than one policy, see about a discount, make sure that they are connected. If you can use the same agent for all your policies to make things easier on you.

Mileage discount- there are companies that offer a discount if you are a low mileage driver. They will ask for proof of this by means of your odometer.

Paperless discount- get your policy via email, or though the app, this will get you a discount!

Set up auto pay- again, an easy discount to get.

Pay in full- this is a discount, but you have to pay it all at once, you can not make two payments in the first month and think you will get the discount. It has to be all at once at binding or renewal.

Security system discount- this can be for home or auto. Check to see if you need any documents, you may need to provide some for your home policy. On the auto, many times this will apply on its own.

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