How to file a home claim:

When you have a loss it can be devastating no matter the dollar amount. There will be things in your life that are not replaceable, things that have been handed down from generation to generation. No amount of insurance will ever come close to being able to replace these items.

When the worst happens and you do have to file that claim, take photos. Use your phone and upload them to the cloud for safe keeping. You can contact your agency and get a claim started or you can go ahead and get things fixed to see how much it will cost.

If you go the route of getting things fixed prior to submitting a claim, be sure that you keep a copy of all of your receipts. These are going to be essential during the claims process. This will also help the claims process move along and help things go smoothly.

If you decide that you do not want to fix the issue prior to calling the claim in, please note that you will still need to take photos and you will need to keep all documents in relation to the loss.

Remember, CYA on everything you do, put it all in writing, and if you can submit the claim and then ask for a confirmation email to have on file.

One of the other questions I get is how will the insurance company know what items that I have in my home. How will they know what I need to have replaced? The best recommendation I can give you is to keep a copy of SN of all the electronics you have and a stash of photos that you will need to update every couple years. You can store these on the cloud or you can download them onto a junk drive and save in a fireproof safe.

Still have questions, reach out, I would be glad to provide more information.

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