Is my house above average? Standard? High value?

Has your agent ever asked you this question before? I have to say, I hope not!

An agent's job is to probe the client until they can see for themselves if the home is standard or not.

You may get questions like, “Do you have a builders grade kitchen or did you update the counters to marble?” This question tells the agent that if you have builder's grade, it's a standard home, otherwise more data is needed.

Many times your agent will ask about your bathroom as well. If you think about this, it completely makes sense as you spend the most on the kitchen and bathrooms when building or upgrading your home.

One thing to keep in mind, your agent will also be pulling up information on your home from the county website, a real estate site or even just a Google image, to be honest with your agent. You do not want to be under-insured.

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