I get questioned a lot if jewelry is covered on the home policy. In many instances there is coverage for jewelry on your policy but that coverage is limited. You will need to verify with your carrier, however, I have seen $2000 - $2500 in coverage for ALL of your items.

What does this mean, it means that if you have more than one item over $2000 and your home is robbed, you may not have the coverage needed to replace those items.

Can I add my items to my policy?

There are home policies out there that will set you schedule your items and then there are those that do not.

In my professional opinion, never ever schedule your jewelry on your home policy. Why, you ask? Any jewelry claim goes against your home policy. If you are one of those lucky people that get to travel and you lose your $5000 necklace because someone broke into your hotel room, you do not want that affecting your home policy.

So how do you protect your jewelry? I advise my clients to reach out to a company that specializes in jewelry coverage's such as Jewelers Mutual and places like this. This will give you the best protection allowable for your family jewels.

Still confused or have questions, reach out, I am here for you.

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