Let's talk about claims.

The most important advice I can give you is; your agent has no idea if that is a covered loss.

I can not tell you how many times I have answered a call from an agent or even an insured asking me if they have a covered loss.

The short answer, no.

Can I find out, no.

Why not? Every loss is an event, so you have to think of how an event was triggered. It a storm come through, a tornado, maybe hail, or did you have a major wind storm. That would be a trigger even, then what is the loss, oh, you have a tree in your garage now. Lets see, I can not tell you how much of that is covered and I can not tell you if they bill replace your belongings, replace carpet/flooring or even if the whole roof would need to be replaced or just this section. Oh you also need room and board while your home is off limits. Okay, that is another coverage, that I can not guide you oh how the adjuster will work within the policy guidelines.

These are questions that people ask because they have had an experience happen where it was not a covered loss.

Best practice, ask your agent to load you up with coverage, sit down with him/her and get the low down on what each coverage is and how it could be used.

Claims are a tricky section of an agent's life. They will never be able to tell you “that is covered”.

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